Cinque Terre Fire

Sadly, we did not have fire insurance to cover this tragedy, but we were able to qualify for FEMA and our good friend, Sandy Taylor, started a Benefit Page on Facebook titled Cinque Terre Revival at:

The Gate and Sign survived...we still had hoped something would be standing when we were allowed back on the mountain, but only foundation, stone walls, new paved driveway, grill and picnic table made it through.

Totem Pole and Gate--interesting it burned the bottom of the totem pole from ground up, then stopped.

View of Tin House from Brick Patio

View from Tin House deck...PG&E crane clearing trees to re-establish utilities.

Tin House Sink

Tin House Bath tub

Tin House Remnants

Tin House

Tin House

Rocker Bench partially burned with Bed House behind.

Surviving Picnic Table + Grill but curiously the swinging bench to the left was completely burned to ash...strange it did not spread to this old wooden table with Sarah Curtiss' art!

Surviving Vase at the Bed house; only steel and fired ceramics survived!

Surviving Pottery

View from the lower Tin House deck

Close up of stage

Looking down where music stage was. The original steel trailer foundation is still there.

Looking down toward the Ampitheatre from driveway

Side of Driveway where Outhouse used to be

Shed at top of driveway

Maurine and Daniel with Cucina in background

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